Retirement Living WHS Inspections

 Expert inspections, ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance.

What we do:

Eighteen33 reports on their findings and provides practical commentary on areas of improvement, and, importantly, and step by step process on how to improve them

This ensures your property, whether owned or managed, is safe for your community members and tenants.

Eighteen33 is passionate about Work, Health and Safety, and want your community to feel safe too. Our site inspection and assessments are first and foremost about assessing the safety risks and providing options to mitigate those risks.

Recent changes to the Retirement Living Act obligate owners and operators of retirement living communities to conduct annual site and property safety inspections and provide the findings of these inspections to the occupants and community tenants. 

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What will I get out of the process? 

Eighteen33 provide a succinct and comprehensive analysis of the external premises, common grounds and pathways delivered via a detailed report providing practical and accurate recommendations. A pragmatic assessment is carried out to achieve optimal outcomes for both owners and tenants to ensure a safe working environment whilst increasing the capital value of the property. 

Eighteen33 can conduct these inspections safely and timely, with no disruption to residents on site. We provide a detailed outline of safety observations based on comprehensive WHS knowledge to enable you to evaluate your requirements and meet legislative obligations. 

Our time on site is short, with no internal resident dwelling inspections required. 

How long will the inspection take? 

How do I Proceed? 

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What have you got to lose?

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